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Vending machines are a common sight in most urban cities. From food to toys, vending machines can dispense a lot of items a person needs or wants. Vending machines can be found in different places such as the arcade, convenience stores, and malls. Not only are vending machine products accessible, they are cheap, too! Usually, the cheapest coin you will need to drop is a dime.

Then, the popularity of vending machines has reached people from different age groups, especially children. Children have and will always adore toys. Some grownups are still fascinated by toys, too. But in these trying times, children and kids-at-heart have turned to toys dispensed from a vending machine. Just why are these toys so popular?

Vending experts have come up with ways to attract children even if the competition is tough. Colorful and shiny toys captivate children's hearts. Also, some vending machines provide challenge before getting any toy prize. And the prizes have to be bigger and better. Most toys are pocket-sized and are encased in plastic capsules. This provides a sense of thrill to children since toys come out randomly. It is effective for suppliers, too, because more tries means more income. Cha-ching!

These vending merchandise cater to different types of kids. There are glow-in-the-dark items, toy accessories, plastic bugs, and so on. They are considered collectibles, too, so children might persistently want to collect all the toys available. There are also toys inspired from famous cartoon or game characters. No wonder kids go crazy over toy vending machines.

Usually, people of older age desire the higher priced items like video games, DVDs, and a whole lot more. But like what was previously mentioned, great prizes come at a much higher price literally and figuratively. Don't be surprised if more coins or bills are needed from you for you to get a chance to try getting your hands on the cool prizes. The challenge is also greater so better come prepared. From giant mechanical claws to pressing buttons at the right time, vending experts have truly come up and continue to think about ideas on how to keep people coming back for more.

And here's a little piece of history you might want to know about vending machines. The first vending machine was believed to dispense a fixed amount of holy water. It was the work of Hero of Alexandria, a first-century mathematician and engineer. But its reputation came about in the Industrial Age. Post cards were dispensed from coin-operated vending machines.

In America, the first vending machine dispensed gum and was placed on a train platform. It was built by the Thomas Adams Gum Company in 1888. The pinball and slot machine originated from vending machines.

Now, vending machines are popular worldwide. In Japan, vending machines mete out a lot of usual and bizarre things. In Abu Dhabi, a vending machine dispenses gold bars and gold coins. That would be the most expensive vending machine there is!

The advent of vending machine product supplies has come. Why don't you try to spare a quarter and give it a try?

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